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Submitting Art Work

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Screen Printing

All files should be in high resolution when submitting. We require .CDR, .AI or .EPS files that do not include bitmap embedded images. If you are supplying a raster based image file format, it should be saved as .TIFF .EPS .CDR or .PSD for 1 color or multi-color graphics. Either of these formats should include a transparent background and not be a flattened image file. Please remember to convert all text to outlines when submitting a file. 

Example of low resolution image versus a high resolution image




Email all artwork to

Our minimum art charge for any order are as follows.

  • Vectorize raster image minimum fee: $29.99

  • Color separation for non vector or incorrectly formatted vector files minimum: $49.99

  • Type setting minimum: $20.00

  • Design artwork for screen printing or embroidery: $39.99 to $79.99



Artwork has to be digitized in order for embroidery to be done. There is a one time fee to digitize artwork but the fee depends on the artwork.Our standard digitizing fee is $39.99 but it can be more depending on how big your artwork is. If customer wants the digitized file there is an additional charge of $49.99.

Digitizing of artwork normally takes 1-2 business days.


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